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Elvis Made In Memphis FTD CD
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Elvis Made In Memphis FTD CD

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Made in Memphis is a single-disc regular Follow That Dream release featuring outtakes from Elvis's sessions in Memphis in 1969 (American Sound Studio), 1973 (Stax Recording Studio) and 1976 (the den at Graceland). There is an additional 5-song set of home recordings made at Sam Thompson's place in November 1973. (Sam was a member of Elvis's entourage and the brother of Linda Thompson, Elvis's steady girlfriend from 1972 to 1976.)

Enjoy this classic CD, "Made in Memphis" and enjoy the sound of one of the best artists of all time.

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Star City Dale (4/1/2009)
The private recordings featured here (from Sam Thompson's house in 1973) are worth double the price of admission all on their own. What a privilege to hear a home recording of Elvis in the most intimate setting imaginable, playing for friends in a private home. It doesn't get any more personal than this. It makes me wonder how many times Elvis shared his gift in this way, and how many private performances are lost to the sands of time, available only in the memories of two or three people who were in the room. Thanks so much to the Thompson family and their associates for sharing this treasure with the rest of the world. The additional tracks on this CD from various recording sessions are also excellent. Obviously a lot of thought and care went into this release. It's one of the most special and loving releases in the entire FTD catalog.
Eric Cornelius (8/8/2007)
Memphis has a feel. When you listen to the music Elvis recorded there those songs have a different sound and feel to them. This CD captures the energy and passion of Elvis recordings from Memphis. The sessions at American are among my favorites and this version of In The Ghetto might be better than the one put out on single. If you Don't Come Back and find out whats happening are two of my favorites from his sessions at Stax. It's fun to hear this version of Moody Blue as Elvis works it from the jungle room. But what makes this disc a treasure are the recordings from Sam Thompson's place. Elvis sounds awesome...and so much for the idea that he only used his guitar as a prop...on these recordings from Thompson's place Elvis picks that thing and makes it come alive. This is truly a must have. Thank you FTD for these amazing finds.