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ELVIS At The International FTD CD
ELVIS At The International FTD CD
Recorded at The International Hotel, Las Vegas on August 23, 1969 (Midnight Show).

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Bill (11/13/2009)
I play this one everyday because all songs sung are great.

Stephie (7/30/2009)
Great performance of his early return to live concerts. We don't need too many of these however as Elvis pretty much kept the same playlist throughout the Las Vegas run in 1969 .

missie (9/20/2007)
I have this cd and listen to it everyday in my car elvis had just came back live singing and is outstanding.I've also noticed that when he sing's suspicious mind's he say's"this is a new song that will be out in a couple of wks."Wich mean's this is the version HE wanted not the one that ended up being done without him even being aware of it until he heard it on the radio and you can definately tell the differance it's the best version iv'e ever heard.....elvis new what he was talking about when it came to music i wish "certain" people back then would have listened to him instead of doing what they wanted.

Alan (9/6/2007)
This may very well be the very best show that has been released to date. Elvis is very loose and in a very good mood and there is a lot of interplay with the audience and his voice never sounded better. The quality of the recording is the best I have ever heard. I highly recommend this cd.

Steve Damon (8/27/2007)
a great show from Aug. '69 w/ some good versions of "MEMORIES" & "RECONSIDER, BABY"..... fantastic!!!

Eric Cornelius (7/29/2007)
I love these 69 vegas shows. Elvis had such raw energy and power and both are in full throttle here. Suspicious Minds is a classic...but nothing beats these live versions. Baby what you want me to do and RunAway are awesome. Reconsider baby, Blue Suede Shoes, Mystery Train/Tiger man are outstanding. Elvis possesed the talent to make a song walk...and he does exactly that. A truly GREAT CD. A Must Have.

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