Elvis - Jungle Room Sessions FTD CD
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Elvis - Jungle Room Sessions FTD CD

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Track Listing:

1. Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (alternate takes 2-5)
2. She Thinks I Still Care (alternate take 2A)
3. The Last Farewell (alternate take 2)
4. Solitaire (alternate take 3)
5. I'll Never Fall in Love Again (alternate take 5)
6. Moody Blue (alternate take 3)
7. For the Heart (alternate take 2 & 3)
8. Hurt (alternate take 3)
9. Danny Boy (alternate take 8)
10. Never Again (alternate take take 11)
11. Love Coming Down (alternate take 2)
12. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (alternate take 2)
13. Its Easy for You (alternate take 1)
14. Way Down (alternate take 2)
15. Pledging My Love (un-edited master)
16. He'll Have to Go (rough mix-master)
17. Fire Down Below (instrumental) Item #: EPCD003
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James J Naughton (7/19/2016)
Elvis Jungle Room Sessions CD-I enjoyed this CD a lot and like the songs he recorded. It is a must have CD for Elvis fans music collections.
G B (11/29/2015)
FTD does it again! The sound quality is great! You can just imagine yourself sitting in the Jungle Room while Elvis is recording these songs. Even if one word, or one note is different, or you really have to listen close to find the difference from the original release, to one of these alternate takes, it's priceless to hear Elvis talking about something to do with a song, or just laughing about something. I've always loved when they released an alternate take of an Elvis song over the years, but the FTD releases are a dream come true.
Robert (10/7/2015)
Good music from Elvis in his last studio recording date, actually recorded in his home. For all that have been to Graceland, it is interesting to see the jungle room and picture Elvis and the band in that room singinrecommended.
Star City Dale (4/1/2009)
You cannot call yourself an Elvis fan if you do not own this CD. Period.
Eric Cornelius (7/14/2007)
Historic. I've visited Graceland and the Jungle Room is my favorite. This CD is like being in that room as Elvis records what would be the songs for his last two albums. Elvis sounds awesome...and is clearly in charge of these sessions and having fun also. More than that he has a command of the songs...tearing into them and making them walk. Elvis gave a song life and that awesome ability is on display here. Elvis sings from his heart and gave it away...Thank you Elvis. Great Music. Get this Disc...NOW.
Steve Damon (8/27/2007)
only 3 words to say about this cd: 1.) FANTASTIC ......2.) GET .....3.) IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Belle (8/29/2007)
A true Elvis - recorded live at his home. Took the Graceland tour and can picture him and his group recording in the infamous Jungle Room. He sings his heart out - chatter with the group. Fabulous.!
Gretchen (10/16/2007)
This is a totally awesome cd...superior sound too!! Great!! A MUST!!!!
Mireille from France (7/17/2007)
Elvis did this album at Graceland in the jungle room... How you can't head this album without another feeling ? This album is very special ..make in a very special room........all the fans can imagine Elvis in the Jungle room...The songs like Way Down and Moody Blue are so great seems that Elvis takes another way in these songs...very great songs..very great ingeniors ...who do miracle with the sound ........ All the fans must buy this CD with the eyes close................A very great Elvis always !!