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Elvis An American Trilogy FTD CD
Elvis An American Trilogy FTD CD
This 5” digipack release covers Elvis’ engagement at The Las Vegas Hilton in January-February, 1972. RCA did not record entire shows, and several of the new songs Elvis had added to his shows were only recorded once. The consequence is that the main body of the CD – the RCA recordings – feature several previously released versions. Soundboard (informal) recordings of other song performances during the engagement were added to the end of the disc in order to make this as representative as possible of Elvis’ repertoire at that time.

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Barry (10/21/2010)
If you don't have this CD, get it...... I am just right now getting familiar with this FTD series and man what a goldmine. After watching the Elvis on Tour chronicling his 72 tour, I feel this was one of Elvis's stronger tours.

Bill (11/12/2009)
Excellent cd, a must have for your collection.

Stephie (6/29/2009)
A truly remarkable release by FTD with lots of rarities! Great job.

Steve Damon (8/27/2007)
Hi dear Elvis family & friends! I bought 3 copies of this cd! I gave 2 out as gifts. I LOVE this cd due to the rarity of : "IT'S OVER", "IT'S IMPOSSIBLE" , "THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM" and a fantastic upbeat "A BIG HUNK O' LOVE"...I listen to this quite often.. Most of the tracks are from the Feb. 15, 1972 ms. while the rest are from other shows @ the time of this Vegas run. Either way, YOU'LL LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric Cornelius (7/7/2007)
Another outstanding gem from my heroes at FTD. Elvis is on the top of his game and shows off that amazing God breathed talent to the hilt. I own this one....I listen to it continually...this is one of the best live discs out-there.

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