• Elvis Best of British RCA Years FTD Book/CD
    Item #: EPCD260
    This is Elvis, with the continuation of the British story now detailing his RCA releases from 1957 - 1958.

    As a companion to the critically acclaimed and highly successful ‘Elvis: The Best Of British - The HMV Years’, this book contains the full history of over FIFTY iconic Elvis songs initially released by RCA in Great Britain. Again, each song has been thoroughly researched to the same high standards and is graphically catalogued.

    Containing over 1000 illustrations, unpublished photographs and charts, together with rare items of memorabilia, this volume of ‘The RCA Years’ moves the story forward to explicitly reveal previously unknown facts and additional British connections to the songs.

    The CD included with this book features many first-time officially released Elvis tracks. Here, amongst his classic songs, are the songwriters’ demo recordings as Elvis first heard them, plus the message he recorded on his home answer machine!
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  • ELVIS Jailhouse Rock DVD
    Item #: EPAM0796DVD
    Elvis is Vince Everett, a young ex-con who goes to jail for being involved in a bar fight. Everett meets Hunk Houghton, a country singer, in jail and learns to sing and play the guitar. Upon his release, Everett becomes involved with a pretty talent scout and then has his music stolen by a record executive. Everett mistreats his friends and lets his success get to his head, but he learns his lesson in the end. Includes a bonus featurette: The Scene that Stole Jailhouse Rock.

    Jailhouse Rock is available in standard DVD, Blu-Ray, and HD DVD formats. Please choose your format from the drop-down menu. Click here for more information about Blu-Ray. Click here for more information about HD DVD.
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  • Elvis Wertheimer 2016 16 mo. Wall Calendar
    Item #: EPAM3992
    UP Close and Personal: Wertheimer’s intimate photos of elvis are featured in this collectible calendar. The wertheimer collection is considered one of rock history’s most esteemed collections.
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  • Elvis 2016 Special Edition Wall Calendar
    Item #: EPAM3993
    Still the King: Elvis forever remains a cultural icon, a trailblazing performer, and one of the world’s top artists. This year’s special edition album calendar is a celebration of the many albums that made Elvis the best-selling solo artist in the history of popular music.
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  • Elvis 2016 Retro Mini Calendar
    Item #: EPAM3996
    The King of Rock n' Roll: This 2016 Calendar features images from the best selling solo artist of popular music. Elvis' record sales, worldwide, are over $1 billion.
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  • Elvis King of Rock 1:32 Die Cast Semi
    Item #: EPAM3229
    The perfect gift for any Elvis collector, this 1:32 scale die cast semi measures an astounding 23" long. Custom features include: pad printed images by famed artist Joe Petruccio on the truck cab, extended chassis, longer, wider bumper, wheel fenders, and wider diameter exhaust stacks.
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  • 'Viva Elvis' Cirque du Soleil<sup>TM</sup> Marquee T-Shirt
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    This t-shirt features the Viva Elvis logo printed on the front. 100% cotton.
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  • Elvis Presley Wertheimer T-Shirt
    Item #: EPCT786
    This 100% Cotton t-shirt features classic pictures of Elvis by Alfred Wertheimer.
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  • Elvis Presley The King of Rock & Roll Gold Magnet
    Item #: EPAM3795
    • Perfect for keeping the King of Rock & Roll alive in the kitchen or office!
    • Dimensions: 2" x 3"
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  • 2007 Official Elvis Insiders Conference Fitted Ladies T
    Item #: EPCT078
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    This 100% cotton T is designed specifically to fit a woman’s form, and features the same great conference logo as the regular T. Made in Honduras.
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  • Official Elvis Insiders 2006-2007 Membership T-Shirt
    Item #: EPCT071
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    The Official Elvis Insiders 2006-2007 Membership T is a red Hanes Beefy-T with a black and white version of the 06-07 membership logo on the front and across the back.
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  • 2007 Official Elvis Insiders Conference T
    Item #: EPCT077
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    Purchasing this 100% cotton jersey will be a great way to get prepared for the 2007 Elvis Insiders Conference. The shirt features a full color conference logo by Joe Petruccio.
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