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  • Elvis Pot Luck FTD CD
    Item #: EPCD137
    This FTD classic release of the 1962 album contains the original album tracks an plenty of bonus material from the recording sessions in a two disc set.

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    • $29.98
  • Elvis Made In Memphis FTD CD
    Item #: EPCD055
    Made in Memphis is a single-disc regular Follow That Dream release featuring outtakes from Elvis's sessions in Memphis in 1969 (American Sound Studio), 1973 (Stax Recording Studio) and 1976 (the den at Graceland). There is an additional 5-song set of home recordings made at Sam Thompson's place in November 1973. (Sam was a member of Elvis's entourage and the brother of Linda Thompson, Elvis's steady girlfriend from 1972 to 1976.)

    Enjoy this classic CD, "Made in Memphis" and enjoy the sound of one of the best artists of all time.

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    • $29.98
  • Elvis His Hand In My Mine FTD CD
    Item #: EPCD053
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    • $29.98
  • Elvis Something For Everybody FTD CD
    Item #: EPCD054
    ELVIS PRESLEY is that rare kind of artist in today's music world. His appeal is so broad and so deep that it cuts through several age levels and through all areas of musical enjoyment. "Something For Everybody" continues Follow That Dream Records program of reissuing classic Elvis albums that are no longer part of the mainstream Elvis catalog for the RCA Records label. This 2 CD set reissue comes with the content of the original 1961 release along with a ton of additional material from the recording sessions. Packaged as a 7" gatefold cover with a 12 page booklet.

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    • $29.98
  • Elvis - Easter Special FTD CD
    Item #: EPCD009
    Hear Elvis sings the music he loved so much. Many of his Gospel favorites are featured on the newest FTD CD release. This latest CD on the exclusive-to-Graceland FTD label contains outtakes from his most memorable gospel recording sessions. It's a must-have for your collection!

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    • $29.98
  • Elvis I Sing All Kinds FTD CD
    Item #: EPCD130
    I Sing All Kinds is the much anticipated collection of outtakes from the 1971 Nashville recording sessions.

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    • $29.98
  • Let Yourself Go FTD CD
    Item #: EPCD048
    This Follow That Dream CD combines previously unreleased outtakes from the sessions at Western Recorders, with the June 24 rehearsal at NBC (previously only available on bootleg). The Western recordings include the opening, the gospel sequence, the road sequence, Memories and If I Can Dream.

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    Track Listing:

    The Outtakes:
    1. Trouble/Guitar Man opening – takes 6 & 7
    2. Nothingville - takes 5 & 6
    3. Let Yourself Go - part 1, takes 5 & 6 + part 2, take 2 + part 3, take 6
    4. Guitar Man - Escape Section 1 - fast takes 1,2,5
    5. Guitar Man -After Karate Section 2 – take 1
    6. Trouble/Guitar Man - After Karate Section 3 – take 2
    7. Little Egypt - take 8
    8. Big Boss Man – take 2
    9. It Hurts Me – First part, take 5. Second part, take 3
    10. Guitar Man – Escape 1 (remake) – take 6
    11. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/Where Could I Go But To The
    12. Lord - Gospel Section 1 - Rehearsal/take 1
    13. Up Above My Head/I Found That Light - Gospel – Section 2, take 7
    14. Saved - Gospel Section 3, take 4
    15. If I Can Dream - takes 3 & 4
    16. Memories (alternate vocal track)

    The Dressing Room Rehearsal
    1. I Got A Woman
    2. Blue Moon/Young Love/Oh, Happy Day
    3. When It Rains It Really Pours
    4. Blue Christmas
    5. Are You Lonesome Tonight?/That's My Desire
    6. That's When Your Heartaches Begin
    7. Peter Gunn Theme
    8. Love Me
    9. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
    10. Blue Christmas/Santa Claus Is Back In Town
    • $29.98
  • Elvis Presley FTD CD
    Item #: EPCD050
    The Follow That Dream 2 CD edition of Elvis Presley's classic self titled debut album contains the original LP plus various outtakes and a previously unreleased interview. Packaged in deluxe, fold-out format (7" EP size) with booklet featuring photos and memorabilia.

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    • $29.98
  • ELVIS Today FTD CD
    Item #: EPCD045
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    Track Listing:

    Disc 1 - Original Album:
    1. T-R-O-U-B-L-E
    2. And I Love You So
    3. Susan When She Tried
    4. Woman Without Love
    5. Shake A Hand
    6. Pieces Of My Life
    7. Fairytale
    8. I Can Help
    9. Bringin’ It Back
    10. Green, Green Grass Of Home

    11. Tiger Man
    12. And I Love You So (Take 2)
    13. Pieces Of My Life (Take 1)
    14. Fairytale (Takes 1, 2)
    15. Bringin’ It Back (Take 1)
    16. Green, Green Grass Of Home (Take 1)
    17. Shake A Hand (Take 1)
    18. Susan When She Tried (Take 3)
    19. Pieces Of My Life (Takes 2, 3)
    20. And I Love You So (Take 3)

    Disc 2 - Original Session Mixes:
    1. Fairytale
    2. Green, Green Grass Of Home
    3. I Can Help
    4. And I Love You So
    5. Susan When She Tried
    6. T-R-O-U-B-L-E
    7. Woman Without Love
    8. Shake A Hand
    9. Bringin’ It Back
    10. Pieces Of My Life

    6363 Sunset Material:
    11. Green, Green Grass Of Home (Takes 2, 3)
    12. Susan When She Tried (Takes 1, 2)
    13. And I Love You So (Take 1)
    14. Bringin’ It Back (Takes 2, 3)
    15. T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Take 1)
    16. Shake A Hand (Take 2)
    • $29.98
  • Elvis - Too Much Monkey Business FTD CD-Limited Edition
    Item #: EPCD006
    Released by Follow That Dream Records. Features 20 historic recordings from The Young'un Sessions with Felton Jarvis and Chip Young. Many unreleased tracks.

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    • $29.98
  • Elvis - In a Private Moment FTD CD
    Item #: EPCD002
    Your collection of Elvis recordings is incomplete without his versions of classics like Danny Boy; Lawdy, Miss Clawdy, and Blowin' In the Wind. Fortunately, this CD-put out by Follow That Dream Records-has those, along with 26 more songs. Order the third in this series of limited edition releases available exclusively in the USA through Graceland.

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    • $29.98
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