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  • ELVIS 56 DVD
    Item #: EPAM0012
    An entire hour of rare performances and interviews from Elvis' breakthrough year, 1956.

    Made in the United States
    • $29.99
  • This is Elvis Special Edition DVD
    Item #: EPAM0795DVDSP
    This biographical docu-drama features rare footage of Elvis and dramatically recreated scenes from Elvis' life. This deluxe 2 disc set featurs both the original theatrical release and the extended version that was released on video.
    • $20.98
  • Elvis: The Mini-Series DVD
    Item #: EPAM0765DVD
    For the first time on DVD, this mini-series traces Elvis' life from his teenage years through his triumphant 1968 Comeback Special.

    • Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Camryn Manheim, Randy Quaid, Robert Patrick, and Rose McGowan.
    • DVD features deleted scenes
    • 173 minutes
    • Widescreen
    • $22.99
  • Elvis Hollywood Collection DVD
    Item #: EPAM0787DVDSET
    This six DVD set includes six movies from Elvis' catalog, packaged together at a reduced price.

    • Kissin Cousins
    • Charro
    • Girl Happy
    • Stay Away Joe
    • Tickle Me
    • Live a Little Love a Little
    • $49.98
  • Elvis Collection DVD Box Set
    Item #: EPAM1304
    This boxed set contains the remastered 50th Anniversary Deluxe Editions of "Jailhouse Rock" and "Viva Las Vegas" along with "Kissin' Cousins" and "Girl Happy".
    • $79.99
  • ELVIS That's the Way It Is Special Edition DVD
    Item #: EPAM0797DVDSP
    Re-issued with new packaging! This fascinating musical documentary follows Elvis as he prepares to return to touring following his 1968 Comeback Special. Watch Elvis rehearse and jam with his band and follow him on stage for his opening night performance in Las Vegas. Includes more than 30 songs.
    • $20.98
  • Elvis - The Trouble With Girls DVD
    Item #: EPAM0844
    The manager of a traveling tent show in the 1920s gets into difficulties with girls, unions, ambitious local talent and a murder during a one-week stand in a modest sized midwestern town.

    Made in the United States
    Run Time: 99 Minutes. Closed caption
    • $12.98
  • ELVIS Charro! DVD
    Item #: EPAM0788DVD
    For the first time on DVD! Elvis plays Jess Wade, a man accused of a crime who is searching for the real culprits.

    Run Time: 98 Minutes
    • $12.98
  • ELVIS Speedway DVD
    Item #: EPAM0020
    A stock car racer with generous impulses and a wastrel manager finds himself owing the Internal Revenue Service $145,000 in back taxes.

    Made in the United States
    Run Time: 94 Minutes.
    Closed caption
    • $29.99
  • ELVIS Clambake DVD
    Item #: EPAM0013
    Elvis Presley rocks as a lovelorn million-heir in this sizzling comedy that includes Shelley Fabares and Bill Bixby and features eight new songs and bikinis galore. It's a hip version of The Prince and the Pauper as Elvis relinquishes his oil-baron father's fortune and trades identities with a penniless water ski instructor to learn about life from the bottom up.

    Click here for the CD Soundtrack of this movie with bonus tracks from FTD!

    Made in the United States
    Approximate running time: 1 hour 39 minutes
    • $29.99
  • ELVIS Stay Away Joe DVD
    Item #: EPAM0793DVD
    For the first time on DVD! Elvis plays Joe, a Navajo bull rider with a wild side. He throws crazy parties, accidently barbecues his family's prized bull, and antagonizes the parents of his girlfriends. When a bank tries to reposess the farm, Joe has to clean up his act.

    Run Time:
    • $12.98
  • ELVIS Double Trouble DVD
    Item #: EPAM0800DVD
    Re-issued with new packaging! A case of mistaken identity has Elvis and a beautiful girl enmeshed in a smuggler's plot and an attempted murder in Europe.

    Click here for the CD Soundtrack of this movie with bonus tracks from FTD!

    Made in the United States
    Run Time: 92 Minutes
    Closed Captioning
    • $12.97
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